Do you have what it takes to be the MVP?

This fall we are super excited to announce stat tracking in our weekend National Mall Football Leagues!


Each week your social host will have a score card like the one below with your teams roster.  They will be keeping track of the stats for touch downs (passing, receiving, and running) as well as Interceptions Thrown and Caught.

After each game our Statisticians will check in with both captains to confirm the stats, and get the captains nominations for their team’s MVP of the Week.

In your following weekly email, there will be the updated league leaderboard as well as your Gazette with highlights from the previous weeks games.


Checking Your Standings

Each Week when you receive your schedule you now will also receive a Volo Gazette, tailored specifically to your football league! This will have the power rankings as well as any MVP Shout outs, pics from the games and upcoming announcements.

The Stats we are tracking this fall can be found below:

  1.  Passing Tounchdowns
  2. Receiving/Running Touchdowns
  3. Interceptions Caught
  4. Interceptions Thrown

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