Volo City DC Dodgeball Rules



6 v 6

  • Maximum 6 players, 2 females to play
  • Minimum 3 players, 1 female to play
  • Boundaries are court specific
  • Dodgeball wins are worth 2 points, Flip Cup wins are worth 1 point

*Playoff seating is based on TOTAL POINTS from the season*

Game Play:

  • Matches are 30 minutes:
    • Teams switch sides after 15 minutes of play
    • Play as many games as possible – the team with the most wins will be declared winner
  • 6 foam balls will be used
  • A staff member is there to keep score and time
    • They can make tough calls IF NECESSARY but we go by the HONOR SYSTEM!
  • NO head shots:
    • Head shots will result in a dead ball and player will be safe UNLESS they duck into the head shot – considered out
  • If you get out, you CAN return to the game if someone on your team catches the ball:
    • You MUST return in the order you get out
  • A player is OUT if you cross the centerline
  • A player is OUT if the ball is knocked out of your hand by an opponent’s throw
  • If a player is hit – they are OUT (no matter if a teammate catches that ball)
  • If the opponent’s ball hits off the ball in your hand and then hits another player, the player that was hit is SAFE – it becomes a dead ball
  • Players can hold 2 balls max. at a time and can ONLY hold balls for 5 SECONDS:
    • Players who fail to comply will be warned by the ref and called out if issue persists
  • NO FIGHTING OVER BALLS (if seen, ref may eliminate both players)
  • *If you make a basket your entire team returns to the game*

*Teams without the minimum players will forfeit after 10 minutes from their designated start time*

**All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season (unless you forfeit 2x)**