Volo City’s DC Dodgeball League seeks to provide our members with a fun and social atmosphere while playing their favorite sport. We encourage you and your friends to come out, play dodgeball, meet new people, and HAVE FUN! Head over to the sponsor bar after the game for post- game celebrations and to continue the fun!

Flip Cup is mandatory and counts in the season standings! You can join our extremely social DC Dodgeball League as a team, small group of friends or solo.


We Play all across the DC! Some of our most popular locations include Navy Yard, DuPont as well as Petworth and Union Market Neighborhoods.   We have all the above DC Dodgeball Leagues as well as other local neighborhoods! Find your perfect VOLO DC DODGEBALL league below!

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  • Dodgeball FAQ’s


    How much does it cost to join VOlO DC Dodgeball League?

    Registration dues vary by location and night. Most leagues range in cost from $45 – $69. This fee covers insurance, permit costs, referees, equipment, player t-shirts, parties, prizes, recruiting, and the tons of other Volo City events that we will be hosting throughout the year.

    Is this a competitive league?

    Volo City  is a social sports company! While we do offer some competitive leagues (these are typically noted as competitive in their title) most of our leagues are social leagues. Dependent on league size we may offer A Division and B Division. A Division is slightly more competitive while B Division is slightly less competitive. Check each league for further details.

    What’s a VOLO CITY DC Dodgeball night like?

    Tons of fun! On game night you’ll want to arrive 10-15 minutes before your game to meet your teammates and get ready to play. Each game is 30 minutes long.  During that time, teams of 6v6 will play as many rounds as possible in the allotted (round ends when a team has all their players eliminated). The team with the most wins after 30 minutes is the winner.  After your game ends head to our sponsor bar for your flip cup game (this counts in your overall standings) drink specials and getting to know your fellow dodgeball players!

    How big is a team?

    The minimum number for a dodgeball team is 9 players. If you do not reach team status fear not, we will merge you with other groups to hit the minimum.  Merged teams are generally larger to protect against forfeits. Want a larger or smaller team? You can register as a prepaid team to have as many or as few players on your roster.

    Can I Bring A friend?

    Absolutely! Friends and subs are always welcome during the regular season.  Our Motto is the more the merrier! Just make sure they are wearing a shirt color similar to your team 🙂  During playoffs unfortunately all players must be a registered member of your team. 

    Are there gender requirements?

    Yes! Each team can have a maximum of 4 males on the field. The minimum required players are 3 total players with at least one of those players being females.

  • Dodgeball Rules



    6 v 6

    • Maximum 6 players, 2 females to play
    • Minimum 3 players, 1 female to play
    • Boundaries are court specific
    • Dodgeball wins are worth 2 points, Flip Cup wins are worth 1 point

    *Playoff seating is based on TOTAL POINTS from the season*

    Game Play:

    • Matches are 30 minutes:
      • Teams switch sides after 15 minutes of play
      • Play as many games as possible – the team with the most wins will be declared winner
    • 6 foam balls will be used
    • A staff member is there to keep score and time
      • They can make tough calls IF NECESSARY but we go by the HONOR SYSTEM!
    • NO head shots:
      • Head shots will result in a dead ball and player will be safe UNLESS they duck into the head shot – considered out
    • If you get out, you CAN return to the game if someone on your team catches the ball:
      • You MUST return in the order you get out
    • A player is OUT if you cross the centerline
    • A player is OUT if the ball is knocked out of your hand by an opponent’s throw
    • If a player is hit – they are OUT (no matter if a teammate catches that ball)
    • If the opponent’s ball hits off the ball in your hand and then hits another player, the player that was hit is SAFE – it becomes a dead ball
    • Players can hold 2 balls max. at a time and can ONLY hold balls for 5 SECONDS:
      • Players who fail to comply will be warned by the ref and called out if issue persists
    • NO FIGHTING OVER BALLS (if seen, ref may eliminate both players)
    • *If you make a basket your entire team returns to the game*

    *Teams without the minimum players will forfeit after 10 minutes from their designated start time*

    **All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season (unless you forfeit 2x)**

How to Sign Up

  • Minimum players for a full dodgeball team is 10. If you do not meet this minimum your team will be merged with free agents.
  • A Captain must create a team and all the team members must “join” the team. The Captain can pay for everyone or you can split up the fee’s among team members.
  • Yes! You can sign up together even if you do not have a full team!
  • Have Captain “create team” & Note Estimated Players
  • Teammates Join “team” (Before registration deadline)
  • Once Registration is closed  we will merge you with other small groups and free-agents
  • Signing up as a solo player is the best way to meet people in NYC!
  • We will place you with a small group and/or other free agents to form a full team after the registration closes.
  • If you have a friend that decides to sign up just have them note to be put on the same team as you!


DC Dodgeball League Basics (Traditional)

  • 6v6 (no more than 4 males, at least 2 females)
  • Team Size: 8 to 10 players
  • Each match has a 30 minute time limit, so you play as many games as time allows
  • Get players out by hitting them (anywhere except the head) with a thrown ball or by knocking a ball out of their hands
  • Catch a thrown ball to get a player out ..And get a teammate back in
  • Go the bar for our MANDATORY Flip Cup League, socializing and a rowdy ole time

DC Dodgeball League Basics (Party)

  • 10 v 10 (no more than 6 males, at least 4 females)
  •  Team Size: 13 – 25 people
  • Min 6 people to play (1 female)
  • Foam Balls
  • Dodgeball 2 Points – For Wins
  • Flip Cup 1 Point – For Wins
  • Play as many games in 35 mins
  • Variation throughout the night
  • Click here for a full list of rules

Party Dodgeball Variations ( Play Multiple Variations each Night) 

  • Traditional
  • Greek Dodgeball
  • 4 Quadrant Dodgeball
  • Protect the Pin Dodgeball
  • Doctor Dodgeball
  • Prison Dodgeball

Player Perks

Players registered with Volo City DC enjoy player perks such as:

  • Team T-Shirts
  • Referees
  • Equipment
  • Prizes
  • End of Season Free Beer Party
  • Special Sponsor Opportunities (see what can happen in our leagues!)
  • Invitation to all Volo City Events

Post Game Social

We are known as the most social league in DC and that’s because we care about the bar experience!

What to expect at the bar

  • Food & Drink Specials
  • Dedicated space & reserved tables for your league
  • League staff at the bar
  • When possible, multiple sports will go to the same bar so you can meet lots of new people!

Contact Us

For assistance and inquiries about scheduling, rules, and officiating, contact us at info@volocitydc.com!

To learn more about Volo City, read About Us or our Frequently Asked Questions.