Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Pick a project or event that fits within your schedule!

We need…

  • Coaches
  • Photographers / videographers
  • Field managers
  • Provide support at Fundraising or community events
  • Community outreach & support
  • Social media contributors

How to Register as a Volunteer: 

1.       Click below to select the program you’d like to volunteer with

2.       Click the blue “Register” button

3.       Before we begin, are you registering … “Myself”

4.       If you already play in a Volo City DC league, you already have an account and you can log in with the same user name and password

5.       If you are new to Volo City, create an account by filling out a user name and password. Fill out Parent Information

6.       Click “Register”

7.       Select desired role – ex: coach, admin volunteer

8.       Fill out Volunteer information

If you have any questions please email dcvolunteers@volocity.org

Volunteer with Volo City Kids DC and receive a free or discounted Volo City Adult league!

It’s a win for everyone involved!  We help some great local programs get the word out and some help and you get to do something good in your community and get free (or discounted) league membership!!

In addition to all these other wonderful benefits …

  • Connect with volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds, local business contributors and future social sports players!
  • Practice a professional skill you’ve been meaning to develop while supporting an organization that removes the barriers to athletic participation for those who need the opportunity most.
  • Share your love of social sports with the kids in our community.

What We Do

Volo City Kids removes barriers to athletic participation.

Volo City Kids provides free organized sports for the kids of DC

  • Teach team play through our youth league play
  • Connect communities by including as volunteers young professionals from Volo City Adult leagues
  • Invest in community building by providing post-game social events for our players, parents and volunteers, which include food provided by local businesses


It takes about $50 per kid per season to cover the cost of field space, equipment, t-shirts, insurance and refs. Add a few bucks to your Volo City Adult registration or donate

Visit the Volo Kids DC site

Learn more about our kids programs in Washington, DC and across the United States!